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How would you like a daily prediction? You can now have this done by, email, phone or Skype. The predictions can be done in the area of.

  • General

  • Lone/Relationships

  • Career

  • Family

Sorry we are not allowed to give predictions in Legal, Financial or Medical Matters.




1 Month Daily predictions = £20
3 Months Daily predictions = £40
6 Months Daily predictions = £70
12 Months Daily predictions = £100


For more details contact Irene.

Tarot Runes

E-mail Readings now only £10!!!

This reading is done using psychic messages and tarot. It is a month to month prediction for the next year or let me know what area of your life you would like me to focus on.


Phone Readings

Psychic-Spiritual with a little tarot in this reading you will receive psychic and spiritual messages and a few tarot cards for the next 6 months costs £30 and takes 30 minutes.


Skype Readings

Psychic-Spiritual with tarot, you receive psychic/spiritual messages and tarot takes 30minutes and costs £30.


Psychic Tarot

Psychic messages given with a month 2 month prediction for the next year done by Tarot cards, takes 20 minutes and costs £20.



Psychic-/spiritual with tarot, in this reading you will receive messages from spirit and finish off with a few tarot cards, takes thirty minutes and costs £30.


Spiritual Numerology

In this reading spirit will tell me what’s happening in your life at present, by what’s called ‘core numbers’ helping us see what we can try and avoid and what to look forward to. This is all done using Karma numbers that will be with you all through this life. This reading lasts twenty minutes and costs £20.


Tarot/Rune Readings

This reading willl be done by Patrick lasts up to 30 minutes costing £20. It will cover the year ahead as well as a review of your overall situation.


Spiritual Assessments

This assessment is for those of us who are spiritual in various ways, are not sure which pathway to take and analyses how we have done and how we can enhance our lives in the future. It takes twenty minutes and costs £20.


Therapy at our office

Reiki training
Private 1-2-1 consultations on how to deal with stress/anger
Private 1-2-1 mediation-relaxation.

I will consider any other private work outside my office, please contact me for more details.



Available at our office appointments only.


Mini Healing – 30 minutes - £15
Full healing – 1 hour - £30
Reiki Training
Reiki Attunement 1 – priced at £90
Reiki Attunement 1 & 2 – priced at £150